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Obsolete Integrated Circuits
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Photo IC
Offer photo IC at competitive price: OV7660, OV7663, OV7670, OV9650, OV9653, OV9655, OV2640, OV3630
Security IC
Offer security IC at competitive price:
7910P, 7910N, 5116, 7949, 7950, 7930, 6910, 25878, 7130, 23881, 6802
AD (Analog Devices) ICs
AD1584ART-REEL7, AD1871YRS, AD1981BJST, AD1985JST, AD22105AR-REEL, AD241LJR, AD2S1000YST, AD3202ARN, AD6481JST, AD6485JST, AD6640BS, AD6644AST-40, AD6645XSQ-105, AD68X6979WG, AD707BQ, AD7123KST-50, AD7235BCP-65, AD7339BS, AD75028JP, AD7664AST, AD7809BST, AD7859AS, AD7864AS-1, AD7864AS-2, AD7864BS-1, AD7865BS-2, AD7891AP-1, AD80066KRS, AD8380XS, AD8534ARU-REEL, AD8542ARM-REEL, AD872ASD, AD883B, AD892TJP, AD9054AST, AD9742ACP, AD9763AST, AD9765AST, AD9772AAST, AD9777BSV, AD9806KSTRL, AD9842AJSTRL, AD9842JSTRL, AD9852ASQ, AD9852AST, ADP3339A18, ADP3342JRM-REEL, ADP3410KRU-REEL, ADP3801AR, ADSC900JRP60B, AD8051ART-REEL7, etc.
TI (Texas Instrument) Ic
000-00528, 032AC, 06H3063, 06H3064, 06H3162, 06H3161, 08-0288-03980C0AD3D, 084GJJ13ARKJ, 1013DI, 1009C/I, 10101-000, 1016-60LJ, 1024, 101T, 1020, 1023, 1025, 1026, 103228, 1032-60LJI, 104033, 104058, 104233, 1044D, 10KNT5578NT, 104938, 1100, 1101, 1120/8C, 111-003-c, 1120/8, 112013PA, 1222L2, 11773-502, 118-003-C, 1222, 1222L4, 122C6P/R61060, 123E4P/R61060, 125C68, 126, 1286U, 1289N2, 128GL, 128PRO, 128-M, 128VR, 12M01, 135620-01-1B, 130E3P/R61060, 133U, 140033, 14AQEPT, 1431, 1431Q, 148229020, 15137453, 15137454, 15F7026, 16126797, etc.
Philips ICs:
0021A, 0047KTU4229, 007BHL, 01K2650, 0582L2, 03G9600, 1013R2A, 1021A, 110-B086BV40, 1044TM, 110-B061HV30, 110-B086HV40, 1141A, 1115R1B, 1122ABD, 1123BD, 12107, 1210T, 1252-0T, 1252-2T, 30279, 3031AC4, 3047B, 3050, 324-70816, 309766, 324-70835, 324-70855, 32LTQFP, 32CO, 32CD, 3312CT, 343S0061-A, 3312T, 3345L1, 341507B, 3536-C3, 3549A, 3580PF4, 37F8996, 38073/8, 380HN, 38L3511, 3AU00900AAAB, 40C7769, 4014CV24, 41-0119-001, 43H1949, 4516110, 4440T, 4466DY, 4517571, 4632511, 4833637, 49/3CR1A, etc.
Maxim IC
1020469, 1028512, 105091132, 1082, 1692EUB, 1643EUA, 1773EUP, 1791EUB, 234110122, 2324, 234071721, 234110621, 234 1101 22, 234111922, 234130320, 234073922, 234110621, 234111922, 234130320, 234073922, 234110122, 234110620, 234110621, 234111922, 3243CUI, 234130320, 3269CUAN, 3768CUJZ, 4163EUA, 3996CGP, 4037016901, 4544CUA, 633022ROP, 5962-9071201MPA, 5962-9312502MEA, 606EUA, 74LS384N, 7665ACPA, 778CSA, 806018931, 806019220GVG, 806034220, 806045420, 806050223DEK, 866EUA, 8551401PA, 881REUA, AA01EUUV, AAABEUPM, AA02EUUV, AAAAEUXC, AAABEUQF, AAACEUQF, AAABEUSP, AAAC, AAAC(MAX4504), AAACEUTB, AAACEUXC, AAACEUYS, AAADEUQF, etc.
Intel IC/Chip
0991-9382-2, 12704800A, 128251-001, 128W18BD, 185-90, 1985-92, 2020W0ZBQ0, 21050-AA, 21143-PD, 21052AB, 21140-AC, 21143-TD, 21150BC, 21145, 21150-AB, 21150-AC, 21152AB, 21152-AB, 28F3208C3B110, 28F320C3BC, 28F320J3A110, 28F320J3A120, 28FSDC56, 28FSDC80, 320W18BD, 28FSOC72, 356-0002C, 3CN8032HCCA44, 57G9010-PIAS, 4000LOYTQ0, 407702458, 57G9262, 5AC312-25, 584R265H01, 58LR385H01, 5962-8977201MZA, 5AC312-30, 62H7730, 7913909FLA, 8012403FSA, 8082, 80960HD66, 8208, 82547EI, 82551QM, 82547G1, 82558B, 82559ER, 82562EX, 827925M, etc.
Freescale ICs:
0026A, 336, 022SA, 033A, 0372DP, 036A, 038A, 09F1641, 1037353727V3.0, 0K26N, 10103, 1041, 10H330, 10H117, 10H174, 10H25, 1132497, 12073, 134130-000-99C, 134-130-000C, 134144-000-99P, 134-144-000L, 134-144-000M, 13414500/09H, 14018, 134-145-000G, 14071, 14094, 14576, 14504, 1455, 1471C, 1814, 149627, 1648, 1813, 1821-1017, 1821-1018, 1821-1331, 1821-1801, 1821-2270, 1826-6529, 1854-0003, 185M6868, 2190AF, 2096L, 22LVA, 22M49, 269-3PKWR, 22SB, 22TVA, 2791L, 3063AP1, 2936M-5.0, 29421, 2N1599, 32N02, 330069-00, 33282, 3334, etc.
Cypress ICs:
16543PA, 2028DSC-27, 42C31W-03G, 42C31W-04G, 42C31W-09G, 4410W912, 6X6DUMMYDIE/DAISYC, 74F38, 74FCT162245APAC, 7C62357DC, AAT1203/BS6895, AD7859LAS, AH28NT01, AN2131QC, AN2131SC, AAT1203/BS6895, AD7859LAS, AH28NT01, AN2131QC, AN2131SC, BC244, C6001BT, CA320154, CA330178, CA330188, CA330199, CA330305, CA330309, CA730075, CA731325, CA731399, CAR67D-567, CAR69GENG1, CG4926, CG7C429-A30JC, CJ360242,
CJ760057, CJ760077, CK720030, CM740016, CP5276AMT, CP5419AMT, CP5444AMT, CP5483AMT, CP5498AMT, CP5565AMT, CP5607AMT, CP5609AMT, CP5629AM, CP5629BM, CP5849AM, CS4614AM, CS7C131-45JC, CY100E301L-6PC, CY100E445JC
CEB63A3, CED20P06, CEG8205, CEG8205A, CEM4435A, CEM4311, CEM4808, CEM4953, CEM8435A, CEM8206, CEM8207, CEM9407A, CEP02N6A, CEM9435A, CEM9926A, CEN7002A, CEP35P03, CEP41A2, CEP50N06, CEP51A3, CEP603AL, CEP6060R, CEP63A3, CEP7030L, CEP70N06, CEP703AL, CEP740A, CEP76139, CEPF640, CEP83A3, CEPF630, CES2301, CES2314, CES2302, CES2304, CES2312, CES2321, CET3055L, CEU05P03, CEU21A3, CEU4060AL, CEDF634, etc.
Issi ICs:
02-3G, 02G, 10301-3G, 12164-3G, 32R2021R-40V(KV9249C3), 16-3G, 46-3G, 46-3GR, 64-3G, 46GRI, 56-3GR, 66-3GR, 93C46P, 93C56-3P, 93C66-3P, etc.
Lattice ICs:
06H3063, 06H3064, 06H3161, 06H3162, 1M4A3-96/48, 1032-60LJI, 2064A80LT100, 53G2577, A3-64/32-10VC-12VI, BCM3033KEF, etc.
Power IC
EUTECH: EUP8020, EUP8057, EUA4890, EUP7967A, EUP7968, EUP2624, EUP2621, EUP8010, EUA2005, EUA5312, EUA5202, EUA6011A, EUA2010, EUP8051, EUA6204, EUA8054, EUP3406, etc.

LOWPOWER: LP3303, LP3200, LP3201, LP4060, LP3983AB6F, LP3302, LP2201, LP3984, LP4990, LPM9013, LP6201, LP4054, LP3301, LP3202, LP3203, LP3300, LP3987, LP3985, LP3986, LP8501, LP3359, LP3371, LP28010, LP3313, etc.

RICHTEK: RT9133A/B, RT9182, RT9701, RT9193, RT9198, RT9169, RT9167, RT9167A, RT9166, RT9166A, RT9501B, RT9271, RT9801A, RT9801B, RT9818C, RT9901, RT9911, RT9907, RT9902, RT9261A, RT9261B, RT9273, RT9284A, RT9284B, etc.

PIC16F76-I/SO Microchip
PIC16F77-I/P Microchip
PIC16F819-I/SO Microchip
PIC16F84A-04/P Microchip
PIC16F876A-I/SO Microchip
PIC16F876A-I/SP Microchip
PIC16F877A-I/P Microchip
PIC16LF84A-04/SO Microchip
TNY264P power
TNY266P power
TNY268P power
TOP222P power
TOP222Y power

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